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#1 Professional Recommended


Introducing the FeelFresh LuminEssence IPL - your key to professional-grade hair removal at the convenience of your home.


[Professional-Grade Hair Removal]

FeelFresh LuminEssence IPL utilizes advanced IPL technology for effective and long-lasting hair removal. Its precision and efficiency rival that of professional treatments, ensuring smooth, hair-free skin at just a fraction of the cost.


[Customisable Modes for All Areas]

Experience versatility with different modes designed for various body areas. From manual mode suitable for smaller areas like lips and underarms to automatic modes for larger areas such as legs and arms, LuminEssence adapts to your needs.


[Portable and Convenient]

Compact and portable, the LuminEssence IPL is designed for your convenience. Say goodbye to salon appointments and hello to effortless hair removal anytime, anywhere.


[Safe and Effective]

Our IPL device is engineered with safety in mind. It targets hair follicles with precision, minimizing the risk of irritation. Enjoy a gentle and effective hair removal experience in the comfort of your home.


[Usable for a Lifetime]

Equipped with an industry leading 900,000 flashes, the LuminEssence IPL is designed for a lifetime of use. Say goodbye to the limitations of disposable cartridges and enjoy endless hair removal sessions at the comfort of your home.


[What's Inside]

1x LuminEssence IPL Device

1x Replacement Head

1x Sunglasses

1x Razor

1x Storage Pouch

1x User Manual

1x Charger


[Our Guarantee]

6 Months warranty from the date of purchase for manufacturing faults.


Get ready to embrace smooth, hair-free skin with FeelFresh LuminEssence IPL! ✨🌈

FeelFresh LuminEssence IPL

$139.90 Regular Price
$64.90Sale Price
Excluding Tax
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